Tuesday, 22 May 2012

work in progress

Now I have finished the initial design stage, I am thinking about colour, fabrics and techniques. So far I have been copying the 'pain' shapes onto vliesofix, it looks like a messy jigsaw puzzle....

And here all the pieces arranged, ready to stitch. But first a lot of other things need to be done...

Like making stencil for the man-shape. Since I dont' have any grey fabric I decided to make a stencil from was paper. Have to mix black and white fabric paint and see if it works!
I also want to try my hand on a technique I read about in Quilting Arts, my favourite quilting magazine
It is about how to transfer a digital image onto fabric, using water-soluble stabilizer. There is going to be a flower somewhere in my quilt, so I might try. I don't have the water soluble A4 paper, but I do have some very thin water soluble fabric. I will just try to iron that to some wax paper and feed through the printer.If it works....I can then apply a layer of matte medium to the fabric and to the image and brayer it firmly. Will let you know if it works or not!

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