Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lots of experiments, slowly getting to the result.

I have been working on my colour-competion-piece. I don't know if it is going somewhere. I do like the top part, but don't know if the bottom part is beyond saving....Will post a picture of the top part

I will continue working on it, but at the moment I need time to ponder and see how I can proceed.

The 2 Samuel 3:16 piece slowly takes shape. Very slowly I must add..I was reading a book from Melanie Testa:

 inspired to quilt 
She uses mainly mono print techniques with thickened dyes and uses freezer paper to block images. She also works with 2 layers. (4 layers in total, including batting and backing). Over the cotton layer she always put a silk organza layer which she also mono prints. Then my quest started...finding silk organza (found a company called and they sent me a meter for FREE, how kind!) , how to make thickened dyes. Or can I use other paints? After many hours of research I decided to use: screen printing ink, textile paint, acrylic paint, acrylic inks. And then see which one is most suitable and which one won't alter the handle of the fabric too much.

I feel like I am doing Science Projects all the time :)

I have never done mono printing either, so after watching many youtube videos I gathered enough courage to at least try. It's a fairly random process, so I should not be so scared. Nothing lost after all!
You start by putting a few blobs of paint on the acrylic sheet. Move it around with a brayer and scrape away bits of paint by using glad wrap, stamps, and basically any objects which leave a mark. Put fabric on top, apply a little pressure and take it of and VoilĂ !
ready for mono printing
Tools ready: Acrylic sheet, cotton, paints, brayer, comb, lino cut, stamps, ink, sequin waste, bubble wrap.

Lino cut printing
Print from a Lino cut I made. Done with screen printing ink.

close up mono print using comb and bubble wrap
Close up from Textile paint with comb strokes and bubble wrap.

random patterns mono printing
Lots of random patterns.

silk organza mono print
And my piece of silk organza...It doesn't show in the picture, but it is actually quite nice.  
And VERY Rough draft of the piece.

I very much enjoyed the mono printing process. Will definitely try some more pieces. I think I am going to use acrylic paints as they are cheap and leave the fabric not too stiff. Hoping it will work together with the silk organza and quilting!