Thursday, 7 June 2012


Today I tried to transfer a photocopied picture to cotton fabric. I still need a flower in my quilt and thought I might use this technique I read about. But you have to have acrylic medium which I didn't have...I had some binder medium which I applied to the fabric and to the picture. Then placed the picture on the fabric and applied pressure with a brayer. This is the result I got....not particular good. Next time try again with the proper medium :)

I decided to actually make the flower petals from fabric. I wanted a bit of a white/pink fabric. Another little experiment:
Did this by dry brushing red acrylic paint on vliesofix and ironed this onto white cotton. I think I can use pieces of this fabric for the flower.


  1. its all looking amazing ida! love your prfile pic too, very pretty :) xx

    1. Thanks Cass! It's so much fun. You are doing great things too!