Friday, 18 May 2012

Final design ready

I am fairly happy with my final design. It's sometimes hard to know when to stop, but this time I knew I had all the elements I wanted to be in there. Drawing is one thing, but realising it in fabrics is another. So things will change as I go. At this point in time I don't want to spend money on fabrics so I will use the fabrics I have. At a later stage I would like to dye my own fabrics - which I have done before and I hope to include some scraps in this quilt.
It's always a challenge how to fix technical issues. There are a few in this one: the woman at the foreground and the Fibonacci spiral and of course the lettering!

Today I decided to draw the face in pencil. I am not a great drawer, but I don't want to copy, so it has to do. I then got some stabiliser (really thin fibre fabric) and ironed that to some wax paper. I put the picture on the photocopier and fed the stabiliser+wax paper through the printer (don't know if hubby is so happy with this ;)).
It came out quite satisfactory and I will iron it onto some vliesofix (double sided bonding). And hopefully it will look good against the man background.

This is my final design

And this is de woman drawing photocopied onto the stabiliser

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