Thursday, 15 August 2013

Blogger silence

The next verse I will be working on is the following:

2 Samuel 3:16
And her husband went with her along weeping behind her to Bahurim. Then said Abner unto him, Go, return. And he returned.

And maybe that's the reason why I have been so silent ;)
I have been thinking a lot, but have not come up with a good idea yet...
This is about Michal (David's wife) who was taken away from David by Saul her father. He gave her to another man (Paltiel). Later David claims her back. So in this verse we see Paltiel her husband, crying behind her as she is on her way back to David.

Sad story......

I know it's just procrastination, but I have another reason why I haven't been working on it :)
I have been designing and working on a piece which I can't reveal yet. If it turns out well I would like to submit it to an international competition
The theme is Living Colour

Another mentionable event is that Prof. Donald Knuth has placed a link to my blog on his "homepage". I received a kind email from him saying that him and his wife enjoyed my work and that he was pleased that I had found inspiration from his book. Another quote from his email:

We belong to a fine Museum of Quilts in San Jose; they might
be interested in exhibiting your work some day.
Needless to say that I am very honoured to have received this message from him.