Friday, 12 July 2013

Unveiling Ruth 3:16

This is the result of my attempt to produce a stained glass effect in fabric. The sky fabrics are hand painted, the other fabrics are commercial prints from my stash. Normally quilting should enhance the look, but this time I feel it almost looked better without quilting.
I used an invisible monofilament thread to quilt the sky pieces. Unfortunately you see little punch holes which takes away from the clean lines.

Over all I like this piece and it portrays what I had in mind. Ruth (my daughter modelled for the silhouette), returning early in the morning walking through the barley fields (hence the face faced to the left). Barley at the foreground to represent the gift from Boaz. And a green background for the hope and joy now and in the future.

Someone asked me how long it takes me to design and make one piece. It differs for each one, but on average it takes me about 20 hrs. This one is no exception.

Ruth silhoutte in stained glass, made from fabric

Ruth returning to Naomi, walking through barley fields. Mounted on canvas
Mounted on canvas

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