Friday, 5 July 2013

Contemplating Ruth

The next verse is Ruth 3:16 And when she came to her mother in law, she said, Who art thou, my daughter? And she told her all that the man had done to her.

Most people probably know the story: Naomi who leaves Bethlehem with her husband and two sons to Moab. Both husband and sons die and she returns to Bethlehem with her daughter in law Ruth. Ruth marries Boaz and becomes known as King David's great grandmother. And ultimately she is in the lineage of Christ the Saviour.

I love the book of Ruth, but to represent this verse into fabric proved not to be so easy....Usually I don't like to be too realistic, I really enjoy symbols and a more symbolic-abstract approach.

Sometimes inspiration comes from words, or pictures. Or at other times I like to try a certain technique. A while ago I was looking at stained glass windows and Tiffany glass. So I have set myself the task of creating a stained glass look. There has to be a woman in the picture too...unavoidable..What better way to get my family into this project? Anne Roos, our 16 year old daughter is the first one. I took a couple of silhouette pictures and traced them.

I am envisioning Ruth coming back early in the morning from the threshing-floor and Boaz. She returns with barley and the knowledge that Boaz is going to see who can marry her. Therefore I see the picture of a woman returning past the fields with a smile on her face, happy to tell Naomi all that Boaz has done to her!

Ruth in stained glass window
The lay out for all the 'stained glass' pieces

fabrics for sun rise

The colour scheme for the sky should be of a sunrise. I put all may blues, purples, oranges, yellow together, but I thought it quite harsh. I therefore decided to get a white cotton out wetted it. I painted the wet fabric with acrylic inks and now it has a more subtle, softer look. I hope it dries nicely!
painted acrylic inks on wet fabric for sun rise look

And yes it's did! I used Heat n Bond to cut out the 'puzzle pieces'. It's an adhesive with a paper backing, so you iron it on and then peel off the paper so you can iron it on to any other fabric.
heat n bond to cut out stained glass puzzle pieces
cutting out pieces for the sky

And placing them on back fabric, making sure the outline of Ruth is visible. So far so good :)

tiffany look with silhouette

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