Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Leviticus finished

And the priest shall burn them upon the altar: it is the food of the offering made by fire for a sweet savour: all the fat is the LORD'S. Lev. 3:16

Due to family visit I haven't been able to spend much time on designing and sewing, let alone blogging...But I am back into it now!

This one symbolizes the offering the priest had to make. It appeared that it had to be the kidneys. So I decided to make this from a birds' eye perspective. So you see the yellow (with copper foiling on top, which is not really visible in the picture) rims of the altar and its 4 corners. I tried to make a sort of 'coal' structure on the black fabric and on it you see the kidneys. Inside the kidney I cut up different reds, oranges and yellows and cut them into flame shapes to represent burning. The fat is free motion sewn into a netting shape. It is the Lord's as it spirals out over the edge.

 Btw the picture should be rotated 90 degrees left...but can't figure that out right now.

Detail. You can also see the words which I stamped on the rim of the altar.

I have also done some interesting binding technique. You can't see it because it is at the back. I didn't want a visible binding, because that would restrain it and it already has some sort of frame anyway.

Faced binding technique I used and learned from a dvd I watched: Design, Paint and Stitch by Judy Coates Perez.

Cut 4 wide fabric strips, fold them in half. Sew the raw edge to the quilt raw edge, but start and stop 1/4 inch from the beginning and end.

Fold the corners on a 45 deg. angle and finger press them.

This picture should be last, but for some reason I am fighting with blogspot today ;), but this one shows how the back of the quilt looks. Nice and clean finish

Sew on the pressed line. And trim seam back to 1/4 inch. Fold to the back. 

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