Friday, 20 July 2012

Leviticus in progress

And the priest shall burn them upon the altar: it is the food of the offering made by fire for a sweet savour: all the fat is the LORD'S.

I find this a difficult verse to express into a image. I can see the picture of the priest making the offering, but that's not so easy to translate in a textile image.
For this one I did a LOT of sketching, and trying different colour schemes. In the end I came up with the idea of seeing the altar from a birds-eye perspective. On the altar is the food offering. The food offering are kidneys. There has to be fat (how do I do that?) I have got an idea of free motion stitching in a creamy colour, but better first practise...And what about the fire? I think I might put some flames inside the kidneys. Kidneys look like this:

And I might make the darker segments look like flames.

Some sketching

A fabric I found. I thought it might serve for the coals and colouring in some orange to represent the fire. But I don't really like it. So....

Mixed some white and black fabric paint and stamped it on black fabric. Maybe a bit less paint? But other than that quite happy to use it.
I am going to use a golden yellow for the square of the altar and the corners. But would like to add some copper to it. Got some copper foil. All you do is dab some glue on the fabric, leave it for about 10 min. It should still be tacky. Place the copper foil on top of the fabric and iron!! Nice.

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