Friday, 19 September 2014

A bit stuck.

And he made chains, as in the oracle, and put them on the heads of the pillars, and made an hundred pomegranates, and put them on the chains. 2 Chronicles 3:16

This verse talks about the two massive pillars that stood in front of Solomon's temple. They even had names: Jachin and Boaz.
This verse especially describes the decoration on the capitals of these pillars.

I have compared 1 Kings 7:15-22 and 2 Kings 25:17 with Chronicles and have come to the conclusion that:
The pillars were made of bronze.
On top were 2 rows of pomegranates attached to chains.
Above that were nets of checker work and wreaths of chain work.
Above that was lily work.

Pomegranates made appropriate ornaments for the temple, not only because of their intrinsic beauty but also they appeared on the hight priest's robe (E. 28:33). OK I know what they look like. But what about nets of checker work or lily work?

No one knows exactly how these pillars must have looked, that's why I came across divers renderings when I googled.

I have been pondering over the design for a while now.....And I am very stuck.....I do have a slight idea (see my sketch book scribbles), but have no idea yet HOW to make it and WHICH technique to use and WHAT materials to choose.

I know I do procrastinate when I am in that state. I just have to start on testing a few things. Experimentation is the key here I guess. Let's start tomorrow :)

some pillar designs and pomegranates I came across.

which one is the most Biblically accurate

what to use??? paper, copper thread, silk, monoprinting??? Trying to use my stash.


  1. I think it is absolutely a gift that you have - to make visual the world of the Old Testament by analysing the texts. This complements the art of analysing the lives of those living then, the messages hidden in their word and the meanings behind them. Your endeavours make the Old Testament come alive.

  2. Wat maak je prachtige dingen zeg, heel mooi en sprekend!

  3. Dank jullie! Thanks a lot! I just have to push myself now to complete these pillars :) It helps to know you are appreciative!

  4. wat een bemoedigend en mooie blog, ik zag u via christelijke bloggers...ik zal zeker terug komen lezen...groetjes

    1. Dank je! ik heb even rondgelezen op je blog, ga het toevoegen aan m'n feedly. Fijn! groetjes, ida