Saturday, 19 October 2013

Techniques I used for 2 Samuel 3:16

This little piece has been a lot of work. Both in terms of struggling how to depict the verse as working with completely new techniques. I wanted to try working with an overlay of silk and mono printing both layers as you can see in my previous posts. So far the results:

mono printing, man, woman, city structure
Mono printing with added painting and fabric collage. I made stencils for both the man and the woman. Added fabric tear drops and a city structure at the foreground
silk overlay
Now I put my printed silk over the top, planning to cut away some silk after stitching. It still looks something is missing, but what?

Barren Tree stencil
I think there should be a tree, a barren, sad tree...So I made a stencil

painted tree stencil
and dabbed paint on it, and hopefully it will work, scary stuff ;) btw this is done on the cotton not on the silk

Now on the the next stage: quilting and stitching all the layers together. Unfortunately I forgot to take some more photo's of the progress. But the result will be seen in my next post!

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