Friday, 14 September 2012

Map printing

More development for the Deuteronomy quilt: I spent about half a day trying to find a suitable map with the area of Reuben and Gad. I had 2 ideas in mind of how to print part of the map on the fabric. Since my base fabric is about 35x35 cm, I can't run it through the printer. I have a piece of Lutradur, which is a non-woven, web-like, open structured paper. You can print on it and it give a nice soft look. But my printer wouldn't take it :( You also need an inkjet printer for it and we only have (had I must say) a laserjet printer. Since my hubby wasn't too happy for me running fabric and other weird stuff through his business printer he told me to buy an inkjet :), which I managed to get for $56 :)

I even managed to install it myself, which only a tiny bit of help;)

Most iron-on image transfer paper will only work on an inkjet printer. The only problem is that you have to mirror print you image. So I have been playing around with LibreOffice Draw and trying to mirror words...easier said then done. It's not very logical....:type your words, click on modify- convert to curve- back to modify- flip- horizontal. Yeah!

I photocopied the map onto the Transfer Paper and ironed in to my nice 'antique look' fabric. Mmmm....too dark and grey. Unfortunately I don't have more of that fabric :( Ok, one more try on a less nice fabric, but the outcome is way better :)

design for deuteronomy
This is my final design
transfer artist paper map printing on fabric
Right the printed map, but I didn't make it transparent, so it's way too dark. I like the one I did on the left. Printed a fingerprint to study the lines ;)

This is part of the map I used and mirrored


  1. Hi Ida :)
    just went and had a look through your blog...your quilt is going to look amazing. i love how your interpreting scripture into art. beautiful!
    Keep up the good work.
    Peace, Cassie x

    1. Dear Cassie,
      Thanks you for your kind encouraging words. I really appreciate it! You keep up your good work too :) love, ida

  2. Hi ida
    Your work is awesome!! ;)
    i appreciate it

  3. Hi Anonymous....thank you! Hope to continue after our sons wedding.