Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Quilt assembly

All the fabric pieces are in place now, lightly ironed on, but nothing is stitched yet. Time to make the quilt sandwich which has 3 layers. I always use a spray glue to make sure the layers aren't going anywhere while stitching. 
Now it's time for stitching! I wanted to use black, ragged lines around the 'pains of birth'. I did a few experiments with straight stitching and zigzag. Decide to go for the small zigzag in free motion. That went fairly well.

For the Fibonacci spiral I wanted to try couching. This is a technique where you wind your bobbin with embroidery strands and don't put it through the tension. You then sew your desired design at the back of your fabric. The embroidery in the bobbin is going to show at the good side of your work. This is my practise sample:

 This is the back of the fabric

Now the piece is ready for writing the verse on it. First applied some white textile paint around the couched Fibonacci spiral, otherwise the writing won't be visible on the darker colours.

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