Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Off track

A few other experiments, nothing to do with my Exodus quilt. But nonetheless quite exciting and hopefully useful for some later work :)

I really like my Derwent Inktense Pencils

You can draw with them like pencils, then add water and they act like inks. For the butterfly I thought I should try my shadowpainting liner (which I normally use on paper only). The pencils worked well on fabric, only disadvantage is that they bleed. Someone recommended using Aloe Vera gel instead of water. Worth a try. To get the liner of was extremely hard.

Another fun thing I tried is dying fabrics with shaving foam and inks or acrylics.

 first put a layer of shaving cream on your workspace
Then add drops of ink - I used acrylic inks

Random skewer patterns
Put fabric on top and lift off

and another one with a bit of silver ink.
I think I should try this again, but with more colours and different marble patterns. It's a fun way of making your own fabrics.

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