Friday, 11 May 2012

Why this blog

I am not the typical blogger person I believe. Writing is not my passion and English is my second language which might explain why I am not always good at expressing myself in written language...Most of this blog will be pictures and hopefully I can show some progress and ideas/techniques I will be working on.

My main idea about putting this project 3:16 into blog format is that it 'forces' me to be accountable. A public statement of intention can keep you motivated. Also sharing it with other people will hopefully provide constructive feedback.

I suppose it's a good idea to explain the reason why I want to start on this project. I do love making art quilts, there is so much to explore and to learn in this field. I have been reading books, magazines and watched some dvd's from professional art quilters. And I am really inspired by a group of people who call themselves the twelve by twelve. They have a great website:

But to just sit down and start quilting is not my thing. I like to have a purpose for it. I have made several quilts which hang on the wall in our home, some I have given away. Sometimes I make quilts for a quilt challenge, which I like because there are usually clear parameters.

For a year or so I have been thinking what to do with my quilting interest. Teaching is one thing I like, so I have set up a workshop in my local craft store. At the other hand I don't like being stuck in teaching the same thing over and over. And would like to have some time for learning more techniques myself.

Last week I wrote down what I really like about art quilts:
  • lots of possibilities in techniques
  • you can dye your own fabrics
  • I like plain fabrics
  • you can embroider on them
  • convey a message
  • print on fabric
Thinking about letters and fonts I took 2 books out of our book case. One is called Typography, an encyclopedic survey of type design and techniques throughout history.


The other book is called 3:16 Bible texts illuminated:

3:16 Bible Texts IlluminatedAnd this book really captured my attention. I will explain that in another blogpost!

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